Cardoclear Herbal Capsule
(Remedial measure for heart diseases)


Presentation : 30 capsules Plastic Bottle



A unique Ayurvedic medicine, formulated as per the ancient scriptural process after years of deep research, for the curative measure of Heart Diseases.


  • It maintains lipids in blood within normal ranges.
  • It regularizes function of heart. It increases LVEF.
  • It regenerates heart muscles, if heart is become enlarges, it reshapes to original size, likewise also for shrinkage of heart.
  • No Side effects.
  • Can be used to prevent heart diseases.

Additional Benefits

  • It eliminates possibilities of STROKE (helps in Cerebrovascular Disease).
  • It helps in all type of Coronary Heart Disease (CHD).
  • It eliminates possibilities of Heart Attack i.e. Congestive Heart Failure (CHF).

Dose And Method of Use

1 to 2 capsule three times a day

Method of ingestion

Capsule is compulsorily taken with Milk only.  (Patient can use the milk of his/her choice).

Some other Facts. 

The medicine can also used as preventive measure. A six months preventive treatment by a healthy individual can eliminates most of the Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD). There after every year 90 days treatment will keep preventing all CVD.

Results of Cardoclear may vary in different individuals.

Cardoclear Herbal Capsules works as per the baisc constitution and nature of the body.

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