(Removes pimples, blackheads & black spots)


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Chandramukhi is formed from a mixture of herbs under a specially developed process, which makes it very effective on any quite PIMPLES and BLACK SPOTS. It gives very very quick results (a remarkable difference within only three days of application). Not only that, but it also eliminates hardened pimples and black spots that are there for years.

Application method: Mix the right quantity of Chandramukhi Herbal Powder with pot water and make a creamy medicine. After thoroughly cleansing and drying your face, add the creamy medicine to the pimples/black spots and a few nearby areas.

[Prepared cream – looks dark brown – like dirt on the skin. After applying, wash it off after 15-20 minutes. (It will dry within 2 – 3 minutes after application – but only after 15-20 minutes can it’s washed.)

Note: Chandramukhi Powder isn’t effective on the natural black spots, it’s the remedy for those black spots – which is the result of pimples. When a pimple appears on the skin and within the process when the pimple becomes dry, it leaves behind a mark, and for that back mark/spot – chandramukhi is the remedy for other black spots it got no effects.


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(Removes pimples, blackheads & black spots)”

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