(To improve immunity System)(Unique Ayurvedic Preparation for treatment of AIDS)


Presentation : 30 capsules Plastic Bottle.



Unique Ayurvedic preparation, formulated as per the ancient scriptural process after years of deep
research, to improve immunity levels in human beings.
Immun-up is very well known for its properties to enhance immunity instantly.
Immun-up is safely administered in various viral infections and improves the immunity of the body so
that the body can effectively tackle the viral infection. (This can be measured through improve
the count of CD4 T cells in the body. So from this phenomenon, we can judge that the immune
power of the body is increasing. Which leads to effective control of viral infection by the body)
The increase in immunity power is also reflected through the control of body temperature. With
administer of the product, the temperature starts to control as time passes.
It can also be administered as preventive measures against possible viral infection.
Its effect to improve is astonishingly fast. Within a couple of days only.

Weight gain over a period of time.


Dose :
2 capsules a day for a week and thereafter 1 capsule a day as a preventive measure

For patients with very weak health – the last stage of AIDS – One capsule three times a day.


Note – Patient having constant vomiting and Diarrhea should take the powder from capsule, mix it with honey, and intake.

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