(Made from rare herbs this oil stops hair fall and provides total haircare solution)


100ml Packing



To grow hair on scalp is very time consuming process. One must have lot of patience, and regularity

 Method of Application:

Apply the medicine on the affected part by taking few drops on fingers and gently massage (do not rub vigorously) for about a minute. Apply the medicine regularly in the morning and at night (Two time in a day compulsorily – without fail.)

  • Shake well before use
  • Hair and Scalp should be properly dried before application
  • Use the oil according to scalp requirement only. (Do not wet whole hairs with oil, like we routinely applies oil)

 The total treatment depends upon the circumference of the affected area and the position. (But it can be certainly anywhere about one year to three years period.) The baldness on the forehead side is considered to be difficult one – so it takes considerable time to rejuvenate the hair follicles. However the baldness at the middle/back side is responded quickly compared to the forehead area.)  One should experience the new growth any where between one months to three months continuous treatment.

One worth noting point –  with the start of treatment – for a few days – one might experience excess hair fall, this is due to the following phenomenon. The main work of Sanjivani Fort is to re-activate the dead follicles or to regularises the work of damaged follicles. When damaged follicles receive nutrition, it will first fall down the present hair – and start growing the healthy hair. So for initial period of 10 to 15 days – this might happen.

When a disease infects hair follicles, its function gets disturbed and becomes thinner and shorter and weaker. As the disease advances hairs starts falling and cracking and when disease infected the hair follicles completely, it stops producing hair and hence BALD…

But this doesn’t mean the disease is cured or leave the scalp, but it continues and start destroying the hair follicles and spread to neighboring hair follicles.  In the process of time hair follicles get distructed nearly to 100%.

Accordingly this every bald have different staged hair follicles, which are specified in the following stages:


1          Non-working hair follicles but not destroyed

2          10 % destroyed hair follicles

3          20 % destroyed hair follicles

4          30 % destroyed hair follicles

5          40 % destroyed hair follicles

6          50 % destroyed hair follicles

7          60 % destroyed hair follicles

8          70 % destroyed hair follicles

9          80 % destroyed hair follicles

10        90 % destroyed hair follicles

11        99 % to nearly completely destroyed hair follicles.


Hair follicles of stage 1 gets cured and are re-activated with 40 to 60 days of application of Sanjivani Fort and starts producing new hairs (these new hairs are very thin and silky, which later on comes to the original individuals hair type as the hair follicles gets fully cured and regain its full function.)

Simultaneously up-gradation of destroyed hair follicles occurs i.e. 10 % (stage 2) destroyed hair follicles up-graded to stage 1 and 20 % (stage 3) destroyed recovered to 10 % (stage 2) stage and so on in all the stages.

Person with scalp shining & slippery bald (like a steel), indicates hair follicles of stage 5 or more and also in such case hair holes in scalp are blocked (like sealed or welded) and hair follicles roots are also dried up and blocked. In such circumstances the hair follicles and its root doesn’t get sufficient medicine from top holes, and consequently delay in stage recovery and up-gradation and new hair growth can take more time then others.

The hair follicles with blocked holes and root, gets medicinal affects from neighboring follicles whose top-hair-holes are enough wide open to allow the medicine to pass from scalp to follicles and its root. For such blocked and extensively damaged hair follicles, which gets medicine indirectly takes more time to stage recovery and up gradation up to stage 1. Not only this, even after hair follicles start functioning and produce new hairs, the hairs could not come out from steel like scalp and blocked hair holes. It takes lot of time for new hair to penetrate the hard scalp, and after a long time it will come out, these new hairs are very very thin and this thinner new hairs are the indication for the working condition of the hair follicles.

These cured hair follicles root are still to be cured as they are either dried or closed due to long non-use conditions. In such situation the hair follicles (cured and are now working) doesn’t gets Keratin in sufficient quantity. Hence the first new thinner hair growth remains same till the roots are re-activated and start procuring sufficient Keratin and supply to hair follicles. After complete re-activation of roots, the hair follicles starts growing new healthy hair and new healthy hair are observed in the scalp.

From the above it can be derived that hairs gone before years came lastly i.e. in the manner one has lost hairs, it re-grows in the same way. First to go comes last and lastly gone comes first.

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