(Anti Depressant and Brain Tonic)


Presentation : 30 capsules Plastic Bottle



Unique Ayurvedic preparation made from a combination of herbs according to pre-historic AYURVEDIC Scriptural process, which makes it very effective as anti-depressant.

Main work of the medicine is to stabilise the hyper activity of the nerves in the brain.

Other Benefits :

  • It strengthens the body and brain to cope up with additional stress.
  • Synchronises the function of brain and nerves.
  • It reduces hyper-activity of nerves.
  • It improved brain function by making brain cells healthy and strong.
  • It prevents excessive changes in hormonal levels due to stress.
  • In normal circumstances, person experience relief within two-three weeks.

Advantages of the medicine:

  • Made from pure herbs, doesn’t have any side effect nor it interacts with other herbs/drugs.
  • Maximum treatment is for about 12 months or as per individual requirement.
  • Is a permanent solution for stress.

Doses :

One Capsule in the morning with water.

(Apart from routine dose, can be taken additionally at a time of uncomfortable state of mind / more tension.)


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(Anti Depressant and Brain Tonic)”

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